Hydrant Consulting & Training Across the US

A PA DEP approved trainer, Nick Selembo of Hydrant Doctor® provides consulting and training services nationwide for the repair and maintenance of fire hydrants.

Training is also available in Post Indicator Valve (PIV) maintenance and repair. Contact Hydrant Doctor® today to learn more.

With over 30 years of experience and 50,000 hours in the field specializing in maintenance and repair techniques of fire hydrants, Nick Selembo has worked on hundreds of hydrant systems, some going back 90 years and more. He has perfected time saving techniques that also assure the reliable and safe operation of your fire hydrants.

  • Seminars available to train your maintenance crew in maintenance and repair techniques for hydrants and Post Indicator Valves (PIV).
  • Customized preventative maintenance plans for your hydrants and/or Post Indicator Valves.
  • Consulting services to review your existing hydrant maintenance plans, or evaluate the skills and techniques of your hydrant maintenance personnel.

With fire hydrant training and consulting from Hydrant Doctor®, your company can have a preventative maintenance program that keeps your fire hydrants in perfect condition. You know the critical role PM plays in everything you do. It is no different with fire hydrant maintenance.

A few years ago, there were 12 hydrants in the plant that needed fixed.
Most of the hydrants were old and no longer in production. Nick was able to fix every one of them. He does a good job.

D. Goff
Emergency Service Center - PPG Industries
Natrium Plant, New Martinsville, WV


A Consulting & Training Option for Every Need

Let us work with you to determine the best consulting or training program for you.

  • Phone consultations with your key personnel to discuss repair and maintenance problems.
  • On site training and consulting, including one day and multi-day seminars as needed.
  • Preventative maintenance plans developed to meet your system specifications.

Did you know that 90% of all hydrant repairs cost less than 25% the expense of hydrant replacement?

Even some of the oldest hydrants in service can be field stripped, cleaned, greased, and lubed, then reassembled with parts that will have them working like new in no time?

With regular inspections, you can be assured that your hydrants will be ready to go in the case of an emergency. And the moment of that emergency is no time to find out that a hydrant is dangerously corroded and unusable.